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Ann Johnson Flanagan has written and published eight terrific books. Ann was kind enough to sign Rich Cook’s copies at our Class of 1973 reunion. Her books are listed below: 
•Bittersweet Love
•Lost and Found: Sequel to Bittersweet Love
•Empty Shell
•The Unseen Path: Book 1 Path of Life Series
•The Color of Love: Book 2 - Path of Life series
•Destinations: Book 3 Path of Life Series
•At Home and Abroad: Book 4 of Path of Life Series
•Green-Eyed Monster: Book 5 Path of Life Series

(posted by Rich Cook)






There is some sad news to share with those who went to Argonne Junior High.  Mr. Ray Liberg passed away on October 18, 2023, at the age of 92.  Mr. Liberg was a P.E. teacher, health teacher, coach, and Athletic Director.  Those who went to any of the games at EWU may know him from Bob and Ray’s Beer Garden (1991-2019).   A Celebration of Life for Mr. Liberg was held on Sunday, November 12, at the Center Place Events.  Click on this link to view the obituary for Mr. Liberg:  Col. Ray W Liberg (Ret.) Obituary - Spokane, WA (





For those who went to Park Junior High School, unfortunately, there's more sad news to share.  Mr. Al LaCombe passed away on September 11, 2023, at the age of 86.  Mr. LaCombe was everyone's favorite history teacher and was loved by his students and the faculty members.  After teaching history for several years, Mr. Lacombe became the Vice Principal at Centennial Middle School and later the principal. 

To view Mr. LaCombe's obituary, click on this link:  Allen LaCOMBE Obituary (2023) - Spokane Valley, WA - Spokesman-Review ( 





Mr. Joe Dawson, science teacher at Argonne Junior High passed away on November 5, 2023.  Mr. Dawson was 82 years old.  After teaching at Argonne, Mr. Dawson became the principal at Millwood School (Millwood Kindergarten Center) and later became the assistant superintendent until he retired in 2001.  

A Rosary was held for Mr. Dawson on Thursday, November 16, and his funeral on Friday, November 17, at St. John Vianney Catholic Church: 503 N Walnut Rd Spokane Valley, WA.  A reception was held after the funeral at Spokane Valley Events Center.

Click this link to view the obituary for Mr. Dawson: Joseph Patrick Dawson Obituary - Spokane Valley, WA (






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Many of you have asked what and when our next class get-together event will be.  In order to answer this we'd love to get your input, even if you didn't attend the reunion but may join us at a class get-together in the future.  Please let us know what you think so that we know how to plan for any future class events.  If you have already sent us an email with your input, your selection has been recorded so no need for you to take the below survey.  However, if you sent an email to us but voted for several different options, it would be helpful if you can take the survey and narrow down your selection.

We're happy to plan and organize our class events, but we need to know what everyone would like to do now that we've reached our 50th class reunion

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1)   Which ONE of these possible future class event options do you prefer? PLEASE ONLY VOTE FOR ONE OPTION.

  **70th BIRTHDAY GET-TOGETHER = A casual get-together during the summer of 2025, the year that most of us turn 70, with another class reunion in 5 years (2028)? Or 10 years (2033)?
  HAVE CLASS REUNIONS EVERY 5 YEARS = Our next class reunion will be a 55-year reunion in 2028. This option does NOT include having a 70th birthday get-together in 2025.
  CONTINUE HAVING CLASS REUNIONS EVERY 10 YEARS = Our next class reunion will be in 2033 (with no 70th birthday get-together).
  STOP HAVING REUNIONS since we have reached the 50-year milestone
  SOMETHING ELSE = If you have another suggestion, please let us know.

** If you select the 70th Birthday get-together option, please fill in the box and let us know if you would like to have future class reunions EVERY 5 YEARS (in 2028) or EVERY 10 YEARS (in 2033) in addition to having the 70th Birthday get-together in 2025.


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This weekend was amazing, wonderful, unbelievable, fantastic… there truly are no words to describe how it felt to stand up and see a huge room full of classmates and teachers too, from 50 years ago! For a moment I saw fresh young faces of eager students to graduate and get on with life!!! For a few moments, that were longer, I saw more mature faces wishing that maybe it was 1973 again!

Thank you each and everyone of you for making it easy to get up and speak! If you would have said “ Carley Cuzzetto will be speaking at the high school reunion in 50 years!” You might be deemed senile!!!! I would have thought (at that point) that I was prematurely senile! It truly gave me goosebumps! That week I stressed so much over speaking. I honestly did not sleep for 3 nights leading up to the reunion and the morning of was sick to my stomach and nervous as hell. My husband found me up at 1 am searching “What to say at a 50 year class reunion,” in between doing laundry and trying to figure out what to wear. The laundry and what to wear part was easy. I am really glad I got to (kind of) chat and see many people before I spoke. You all put my biggest fears to rest. I knew If no one responded or laughed at my sometimes silly banter, that I was going to have to crawl under a table. That wouldn’t have been a pretty sight. Thank you for applauding when I hoped you would , (even more) and making it so I didn’t have to crawl. I would still be stuck under the table. Where’s your Life Alert when you need it?

Thank you again!! Special thanks and kudos to the committee!!! THE A TEAM!!! You brought your A game!!! Connie and Paula … without them this reunion would NEVER have happened! They were the forces that drove this to success! They worked many long hours to find every person from 1973!!! They knew all the steps for reunion planning and handled every detail to the very last minute with grace!!! Thank you Everyone!!! EVERYONE, committee, teachers and classmates , for one brief moment, hour, day and weekend for taking us back to 1973!!!


Carley Cuzzetto Aquino



Thank you to the folks that put this very fun weekend together! Janet and I had a lot of fun. Appreciate all the hard work!

Special thanks to my close high school friends, Harry Savland, Rick Roig, Gary Lindahl, Stan Brazington (class of 75), and Mike Kingsley for re-living our adventures. Thank you for the memories, I love you guys! Finally, for our spouses, thank you for supporting us.

Mike Cloke